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How to Tell the Difference Between Silk & Polyester

Natural silk possesses everlasting luxurious quality. Synthetic materials, such as polyester, provide an alternative that doesn’t require a single silkworm to make. However, sometimes, these synthetics get a little sneaky. Here, keep reading to find some simple textural clues to differentiate silk and polyester.

By the Weave

You also can look the weave under a magnifying glass to distinguish between silk and polyester. Natural silk may have minor flaws, variations and imperfections. However, there are almost perfect, uniform and symmetrical weave patterns on polyester fabrics.

By the Look

The most effective way to distinguish between silk and polyester is to watch them under light. If you watch silk, you can see subtle shine on it, and the luster will change color depending on the angle. On the other hand, synthetic polyester shines white under light.

Additional Information

You are able to see any patterns or prints on the reverse side of the real silk. Polyester shines white under light. Genuine silk price is typically six to ten times as much as polyester alternatives.